Gardening face shield with earmuffs DP-894

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Gardening face shield with earmuffs DP-894


Parkson Safety gardening face shield with earmuffs DP-894:

Introducing the Parkson Safety Gardening Face Shield with Earmuffs DP-894, a comprehensive protection kit designed to provide exceptional safety and comfort during gardening activities. This lightweight, easy-to-assemble kit features ear and face shield protection, offering various combinations with the included headgear (DP-89A), ear protector (EP-104), and visor (VM-85M) components.


The DP-89A headgear boasts an impact-resistant PP brow protector that can be used with suitable visors, offering excellent protection. A 2-part comfort adjustment system ensures the face shields are ideal for long-wearing or all-day applications. The specially designed adjustable choke hinge supports various visor types, meeting CE EN166, EN1731, and ANSI Z87.1 standards.


The EP-104 ear protector offers an economical and fashionable solution for noise reduction in various environments, such as industrial, factory, and roadside work settings. With a lightweight design and color-painted comfortable ear cushions, the ear protector features an adjustable headband, ABS cup, and PVC cushion. Boasting an impressive Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25dB and a Single Number Rating (SNR) of 26.1dB, the EP-104 conforms to CE EN352-1 and ANSI S3.19 certifications. The standard cup color is black, with a higher sound attenuation version available as an optional feature. Custom logo printing is also available upon request.


Completing the kit, the VM-85M mesh visor is crafted from steel and measures 8″x15″. This visor adheres to the CE EN1731 standard, ensuring superior face protection during gardening tasks.

The Parkson Safety Gardening Face Shield with Earmuffs DP-894 provides an all-in-one solution for users seeking reliable face and ear protection during various outdoor activities. With its user-friendly design, lightweight materials, and adherence to safety standards, this comprehensive kit is a perfect choice for gardeners, professionals, and workers in diverse environments.

Brief Detail

Face Shields Usage:

Under OSHA, faceshields are not adequate sole protection device for eye and face protection.  It is used as an additional protective gear to safety spectacles/safety goggles.  It does provide added function to prevent flying particles hitting close up to the face and eyes.  But as the faceshield doesn’t sit close up, there are still risk for flying particles/droplet and splash got around and caused potential injuries.

Visor Type: 

Parkson Safety offer PC visor which helps to prevent flying particles and liquid splash.   PC visor available in mold injection 1.5-2mm thickness in uncoat, hardcoat and anti-fog coating.   There are also PC visor in 0.8mm/1.0mm thickness sheet with or without Aluminum bound.

Steel mesh visor are available usually used in forestry, logging, landscaping industry to prevent large flying particles.  It has the advantages of good airflow with fog free properties and does not require careful handling.  Whereas PC Visor might fog up in very humid and hot environment and needs to handle with care to avoid scratches on the visor.

Parkson Safety faceshield are adapted to fit with a ratchet headgear suspension bracket.  The headgear will be adjustable to fit different head sizing and very comfortable during working shift.  We also offer simpler style faceshield with elastic band adjustment, if can be use against splash resistant such as against direct droplet splash during COVID19 pandemic for consumer and medical staff.   There are 0.8mm thickness version, which are impact graded for industrial use.

Special Visor

We offer an Aluminum coating heat and Radiation visor that reflect UV and IR.   It is ideal use in furnace and high heat environment.  There are Green color Visor in #3 and #5 offering glare protection.

We recommend to access From Occupational Safety and Health Administration for personal protective equipment selection guidelines.


Benefit overview


PARKSON Anti Fog AF Coating Technology


1.Why would I want to work with your company?

Parkson Safety provide professional ODM service to worldwide customers by supplying products under private branding.   We have vast experiences and knowledge in customized branding.

As our products are for personal safety purpose, most countries have local safety regulation.   We worked with INSPEC, SGS, DIN CERTO, CRITT, BSI GROUP as example for certification of products.  We have tech staff to perform secondary CE cert application as support.   If client have special testing requirement, we work with local test lab such as SGS Taiwan for product testing.

Additionally upon confirm order, we have artwork staff help to custom design packaging artwork free of charge.   We can also help to provide high quality image for advertising and also DM/Flyer for local distribution.

Our sales teams have vast experiences, if you have any inquiries, welcome to further discuss your requirement with us.

2. What kind of branding options are available?

  • Frame color can be change upon request with MOQ
  • Custom Logo such as embossed, printing, pressed logo and laser engrave are available depending on products range.
  • Own Brand Packaging such as headercard, paper box, window box, dispenser box, color corrugated color, color polybag and ziplock bag…etc
  • We carter for custom packaging material, such as warning sticker label, barcode label and instruction leaflet..etc.

3. How do I know what the product looks like with logo?

Our artwork staff can help to arrange digital proofs with logo on products for approval before production.

4. How are your goods package?

Depending on product type, for example safety spectacles/protective goggles/earmuff, these are package in polybag and then inner box and then in corrugated master carton.

Custom Pallet packing with plastic wrapping can be carter with additional charge.

5. Do you offer samples and are their cost required?

For standard product products we are happy to offer few items free of charge, but freight cost needs to be cover.  However, if it is a high cost product or required a lot of samples or if it is customized product, there will be sample charge apply.   For shipment, we recommended client arranging reserve collection via local express service to pick up samples from us.  Or we can quote with our partner express service for cost to the nominated postal address.

PARKSON Mirror M Coating

6. What is sample lead-time?

For  standard product and are available on hand, sample lead time around 3-5 days.  If samples are not available on hand or if it is customized sample, please kindly allow longer wait time.

7. What certification do you have?

We have ISO 9001 and are certified by Dun & Bradstreet Number:657536132

As we are selling safety protection equipment, we also have CE certification for EU market and third party test report for ANSI (US market).

8. Do not have FDA?

No, we do not have FDA

9. What is your MoQ?

In general our MoQ is USD10,000 per shipment mix item acceptable.

It is very welcome to advise the required qty and we will try to carter for the qty of interest.  We understand a smaller trial order is required to develop trust and to test the market.

10. What kind of shipping method do you offer?

Most of our clients arrange sea shipment port to port.  For urgent orders we can arrange express courier service such as FEDEX/DHL/TNT.  We can also carter for air freight airport to airport and also sea shipment with to door delivery service.

11. Do you keep stock?

Most items we do not keep stock.  We produce goods base on confirm order, as most of our client arrange products with their own logo.   We might have a small qty of standard product as sample.

12. Do you ship to different countries?

Yes, we have customers all over the world.  In some countries we might have exclusive or local distributor.   Please feel to let us know of your requirement and we can direct them to you.

13. Can we arrange inspection after goods completion?

Understanding we are working internationally, third party inspection is welcome. We have worked with SGS/V TRUST/TESTCOO/Intertek/UL/BV.   Alternatively, we can also help to provide photos of goods upon completion and offer shipping samples for checking before shipment.   In some countries, it is required third party organization to issue certificate of conformity before importation, our staff have vast experiences and can offer professional assistance.

14. What is production lead time?

Production time depends on product type and qty, in general please allow 60days.

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