Safety helmet with ear muffs

Safety helmet with ear muffs


Safety helmet with ear muffs:

Introducing the Parkson Safety Helmet with Ear Muffs, a comprehensive and versatile solution for professionals requiring top-notch head and ear protection in demanding work environments. This innovative combination ensures optimal safety and comfort, allowing you to concentrate on your tasks with peace of mind.


The Parkson Safety Helmet with Ear Muffs is designed to be compatible with the SM series visor, which can be equipped with the EP series helmet-mounting earmuffs, creating an integrated protection system. Select from a variety of helmet styles, including the SM-901 and SM-902, both of which are certified to meet CE EN397 and ANSI Z89.1 standards.


The SM-901 helmet features a high-density impact-resistant PP cap and a CS-2 PE suspension, providing dependable protection and a comfortable fit. The SM-902, with a design similar to the SM-901, is made from durable ABS material and includes a CS-22 woven suspension for enhanced stability and comfort.


Helmet standard color available in white, yellow, blue, and red, the Parkson Safety Helmet can be tailored to suit your professional preferences. Alongside the helmet, you can choose from various earmuff options to ensure the best ear protection for your specific work environment.


Opt for the EP-167 earmuff, designed for use on safety helmets and constructed with a HIPS cup, and soft PVC cushions, or select the metal free strut EP-187 earmuff for a more compact alternative. Both earmuffs tested against CE and ANSI for quality assurance.


Choose the Parkson Safety Helmet with Ear Muffs for an exceptional blend of head and ear protection in a single, adaptable package. With an assortment of helmet and earmuff styles, colors, and materials available, you can customize your safety gear to meet the unique requirements of your work environment.

Brief Detail

Safety Helmet vs Bump Cap usage:

Most people mistaken between the use of industrial safety helmet with bump cap.     Due to bump cap light weight and more fashionable design, most people prefer the use of bump cap over safety helmet.   But bump cap can not replace as safety helmet.   Bump cap is tested against European standard CE EN812 although there are still impact and penetration testing, but bump caps are intended to protect end user head from hitting stationary hard objects such as truck driver use when entering building with low ceiling or hanging objects.


For safety helmet it is intended to protect end user head against falling objects.  International standard such as CE EN397 and America standard ANSI Z89.1 will cover physical and performance requirement for industrial safety helmet use in occupational health and safety.

Safety helmet usually consist of a front sweat band to increase comfort, chinstrap to secure helmet to head and adjustable harness where end user can adjust sizing to head.     Parkson Safety offer 2 type of bump cap, Refer to SM-903, it is similar style to safety helmet where there is an internal adjustable harness and sweat band, but no chin strap available.    Another style is our sports style bump cap such as Ref:SM-913 where it consists of fabric outer over an inner ABS shell with EVA foam for shock absorption and with back velcro adjustable.

Models Availability:

Parkson Safety offer traditional style safety helmets with a front peak to keep out of sun and rain.    We also offer models with ventilation system to increase airflow such as SM-924.  Full brim helmet Ref:SM-905 are to provide better protection against rain and sun but have disadvantage with its big sizing in transportation and storage.   Climbing style helmet offers better visibility are also becoming increasing more popular in current market trend.

CE EN397 Industrial Helmet vs CE EN12492 climbing helmet:

Parkson new launch model SM-919 are climbing style helmet certified under CE EN397 and ANSI Z89.1.   Our latest development SM-909 are certified under CE EN12492 as Climbing and mountaineering helmet.  The main differences between CE EN12492 and CE EN397 where CE EN12492 required a chinstrap strength greater than 50kg, where the helmet needs to secure on the head in the case of a fall.

Whereas CE EN397 required a chinstrap strength no more than 25kg, to reduce the risk of strangulation upon impact on the helmet.    It is essential to determine the intention of use and the risk involved to select the most suitable products for personal safety protection.  We recommend to access SATRA explanation on EN12492 testing via EN 12492: 2012 – Helmets for mountaineers (

Benefit overview


PARKSON Anti Fog AF Coating Technology
PARKSON Mirror M Coating


1.Why would I want to work with your company?

Parkson Safety provide professional ODM service to worldwide customers by supplying products under private branding.   We have vast experiences and knowledge in customized branding.

As our products are for personal safety purpose, most countries have local safety regulation.   We worked with INSPEC, SGS, DIN CERTO, CRITT, BSI GROUP as example for certification of products.  We have tech staff to perform secondary CE cert application as support.   If client have special testing requirement, we work with local test lab such as SGS Taiwan for product testing.

Additionally upon confirm order, we have artwork staff help to custom design packaging artwork free of charge.   We can also help to provide high quality image for advertising and also DM/Flyer for local distribution.

Our sales teams have vast experiences, if you have any inquiries, welcome to further discuss your requirement with us.

2. What kind of branding options are available?

  • Frame color can be change upon request with MOQ
  • Custom Logo such as embossed, printing, pressed logo and laser engrave are available depending on products range.
  • Own Brand Packaging such as headercard, paper box, window box, dispenser box, color corrugated color, color polybag and ziplock bag…etc
  • We carter for custom packaging material, such as warning sticker label, barcode label and instruction leaflet..etc.

3. How do I know what the product looks like with logo?

Our artwork staff can help to arrange digital proofs with logo on products for approval before production.

4. How are your goods package?

Depending on product type, for example safety spectacles/protective goggles/earmuff, these are package in polybag and then inner box and then in corrugated master carton.

Custom Pallet packing with plastic wrapping can be carter with additional charge.

5. Do you offer samples and are their cost required?

For standard product products we are happy to offer few items free of charge, but freight cost needs to be cover.  However, if it is a high cost product or required a lot of samples or if it is customized product, there will be sample charge apply.   For shipment, we recommended client arranging reserve collection via local express service to pick up samples from us.  Or we can quote with our partner express service for cost to the nominated postal address.

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