Beginner low cost welding helmet WH-701L

Welding helmet

Beginner low cost welding helmet:

  • Scoop style
  • Economical
  • Very popular
  • Lift front 


  • ANSI Z87.1
  • CE EN166 EN175

Beginner low cost welding helmet WH-701L:

Introducing the Parkson Safety Beginner Low Cost Welding Helmet WH-701, a versatile and economical solution for novice welders seeking a reliable and comfortable welding helmet. This classic scoop-style flip-up welding helmet is designed to provide excellent protection without compromising on comfort or affordability, making it a popular choice among beginners and budget-conscious professionals alike.

The WH-701 welding helmet is made from durable PP material and features a window measuring 2″ x 4.25″ with a lift-up style for easy access. It comes equipped with the H-71A ratchet headgear, ensuring a perfect fit and high wearing comfort. Certified by ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN166 EN175 standards, this welding helmet provides high performance and durability.

The helmet uses a 3-piece lens system, including two clear impact-resistant PC lenses and one shade #11 green glass lens, which offers UV/IR protection.

The WH-701 welding helmet comes in a non-reflective black color, which helps to minimize welding flashes. The helmet is available in two versions: WH-701 without lens and WH-701L with lens.

Featuring a flip-front design and a polypropylene impact-resistant shell, the Parkson Safety Beginner Low Cost Welding Helmet WH-701 is an ideal choice for those seeking an economical yet high-quality welding helmet. The high-strength nylon ratchet headgear ensures a secure fit.

Choose the Parkson Safety WH-701 welding helmet for an affordable, comfortable, and dependable welding protection solution that caters to beginners and professionals alike.


  • Without lens available Ref:WH-701

Declaration of Conformity Ref:WH-701




Brief Detail

Model WH-701
Weight  409g  (14.4oz)
Head Sizing (A) 550mm – 640mm  (21.7in – 25.2in)
Welding Helmet Length (B) 300mm  (11.8in)
Welding Helmet Width (C) 215mm  (8.5in)
Window Length (D) 101mm  (4in)
Window Width (E) 43mm  (1.7in)
Origin Taiwan
Certification            CE EN166 EN175 and ANSI Z87.1  standard

Welding helmet

Often during welding or cutting, as it is a short timeframe weld or cut work, many end users does not use proper eyewear protection.   However, from the UV and IR radiate from welding which is not visible to naked eye and the instant bright light, it can cause burn on the cornea known as Welder’s flash or Photokeratitis and inflammation of the eyes.   As well as there could be fine flying debris generate during welding or cutting, which can cause severe eyes damages.  Welding goggles are essential as it protects welders’ eyes from heat, intense UV & IR light and flying particles during welding and cutting operations.


Our range of welding helmet are available with lens or with lens, scooped style, streamlined style and welding handshield, as well as slotted over helmet style are available.    Standard with Shade 11 glass lens and custom shade lens are available upon request with MO.   It is recommended to check the welding lens shade before work for suitable selection.   Our range of welding helmet are available with CE EN166 EN175 and ANSI certification which block radiant heat, offer infra-red protection and impact resistant prevent risk of flying particles.   Glass lens have been used widely for welding protection due as it is heat resistant and anti-scratch properties.  But some client does not like the use of glass due to its heavy weight, Parkson Safety also offer alternative PC IR lens.  Flip up welding helmet and fix front welding helmet available.

Lens Size

Lens sizing available in 2”x4.25”, 4.5×5.25”, 90mmx110mm, 83x108mm.   We can carter for client special request for custom sizing PC clear lens, where the PC lens available in big sheet and we can cut up custom sizing.

Benefit overview


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1. Why should I choose to work with Parkson Safety?

Parkson Safety offers professional ODM services to customers around the world, focusing on supplying private-branded products. Our company has extensive experience and expertise in customized branding. Our products cater to personal safety, adhering to local safety regulations in various countries. We have collaborated with organizations like INSPEC, SGS, DIN CERTO, CRITT, and BSI GROUP to certify our products. Additionally, we support clients with special testing requirements by partnering with local test labs like SGS Taiwan. Upon order confirmation, our team will help design custom packaging artwork free of charge, as well as provide high-quality images for advertising and promotional materials. Our experienced sales team is always available to address any inquiries and discuss your specific needs.

2. What branding options do you offer?

We provide a range of branding options to suit your requirements:

  • Frame color customization (subject to MOQ)
  • Custom logos, including embossing, printing, pressing, and laser engraving (depending on product range)
  • Own brand packaging, such as header cards, paper boxes, window boxes, dispenser boxes, colored corrugated boxes, colored polybags, and ziplock bags
  • Custom packaging materials like warning sticker labels, barcode labels, and instruction leaflets

3. How can I see what the product will look like with my logo?

Our artwork staff will prepare digital proofs displaying your logo on the product for your approval before production begins.

4. How do you package your goods?

The packaging method depends on the product type. For example, safety spectacles, protective goggles, and earmuffs are typically packaged in a polybag, then placed in an inner box, and finally in a corrugated master carton. We also offer custom pallet packing with plastic wrapping for an additional charge.

5. Do you provide samples, and is there a cost involved?

We are happy to offer a few standard product samples free of charge, although you will need to cover the freight cost. However, for high-cost products, large sample quantities, or customized products, sample charges may apply. For shipping, we recommend clients arrange a reverse collection via their local express service to pick up samples from us. Alternatively, we can provide a quote for our partnered express service to deliver samples to your nominated postal address.

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6. What is the sample lead time?

For standard products that are available on hand, the sample lead time is approximately 3-5 days. However, for samples that are not readily available or require customization, kindly allow for a longer waiting period.

7. What certifications do you have?

We have ISO 9001 certification and are registered with Dun & Bradstreet Number: 657536132. As a provider of safety protection equipment, we also possess CE certification for the EU market and third-party test reports for ANSI (US market).

8. Do you have FDA certification?

No, we do not have FDA certification.

9. What is your MOQ?

Our general MOQ is USD 10,000 per shipment, with mixed items acceptable. We understand the need for smaller trial orders to build trust and test the market, so please feel free to advise us on the desired quantity, and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

10. What shipping methods do you offer?

Most of our clients opt for sea shipment (port-to-port). For urgent orders, we can arrange express courier services such as FedEx, DHL, or TNT. Additionally, we can cater to air freight (airport-to-airport) and sea shipment with door-to-door delivery services.

11. Do you keep stock?

We generally do not keep stock for most items. Our production is based on confirmed orders, as many clients require products with their own logos. We might have a small quantity of standard products available as samples.

12. Do you ship to different countries?

Yes, we have customers worldwide. In some countries, we may have exclusive or local distributors. Please feel free to share your requirements, and we can direct them to you.

13. Can we arrange an inspection after goods are completed?

As we work internationally, we welcome third-party inspections. We have collaborated with organizations like SGS, V TRUST, TESTCOO, Intertek, UL, and BV. Alternatively, we can provide photos of the completed goods and offer shipping samples for checking before shipment. Our experienced staff can also provide professional assistance for countries requiring a certificate of conformity from a third-party organization before importation.

14. What is the production lead time?

Production lead time depends on the product type and quantity. In general, please allow for 60 days.

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