Adjustable safety goggles SS-2533J

Adjustable leg length and angle inclination eyewear


  • Adjustable safety goggles SS-2533J
  • Adjustable temple length and inclination
  • Good pricing
  • With side shield
  • Nylon frame and temple


  • ANSI Z87.1

Adjustable safety goggles :

Its an improved version with angle inclination to the most popular SS-2533 model.

One piece PC lens, Nylon frame, and side shield for extra protection.   Temple leg can be adjusted to fit most face shape. 

This model very popular due to cheap pricing and with good functional use.   Suitable for  worksite, construction, industrial, laboratory, DIY work, school/education center, hospital, road work, grinding and even for general household usage.     


  • Frame and temple color can be change as request
  • Available in standard temple extendable version only SS-2533
  • Bifocal lens available
  • Kids version  refer to SS-2533K


Brief Detail

Safety glasses measure sizing

 Model  SS-2533J
 Weight  37.6g
 Length  145mm – 155mm
 Width  150mm
 Origin  Taiwan
Certification ANSI Z87.1



Anti-Fog Coating:

During hot and humid environment it can lead to development of fog on the eyewear.   With lens fogging up will disrupt vision and can lead to injury and dissatisfaction during wearing.

PARKSON offer 2 type of anti-fog coating.

First option is economical and most popular anti-fog coating that is cost effective.   However, in times and with usage, the effect will be reduce.   This type of coating is not water resistant and washing will lead to removal of the anti-fog coating

As a results, we have another option which is high quality anti-fog treatment.  This treatment is much more water resistant and offers longer usage time.   It is with better quality anti-fog effect passing N mark European CE EN166 anti-fog testing.

Anti-Oil coating:

We also offer an innovative Anti-oil coating.   Have you ever experiences dripping of paint on your eyewear during renovation work?    Our anti-oil coating on spectacles lens will reduces the  surface contact of the oil/paint to the lens and hence, it can be easily wipe off with tissue or soft wet towel wipes.

Mirror Coating:

We offer variety of color mirror coating or revo coating, for example mirror coating color includes platinum, red, pink and blue.

Lens type:

We can carter for various lens color, with standard color lens in clear, smoke and yellow.  Custom lens color such as Brown, Blue, Orange, Red and Green .

If you have specific lens color or coating request/questions, please feel free to ask our experience sales team for advice.

Benefit overview


PARKSON Anti Fog AF Coating Technology
PARKSON Mirror M Coating
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