4 section adjustable Safety glasses

  • High adaptive design.
  • Wide range vision and protection.
  • Leg with powerful function.
  • Certification by ANSI.

SS-5987 is our best sell high adaptive safety spectacle with length adjustable and angle inclination legs.

This glasses could change 4 sections of angle, about 40 degrees, and 4 sections of length.

One piece PC len with mold in nose bridge. It also provides some side shield protection by an extra side lens. 

Suitable usage in laboratory, medical and other general purpose protection.

SS-5987 passed ANSI Z87.1 standard.

Brief Detail
Product No.  SS-5987
 Length  145-160 mm
 Width  151 mm
 Weight  28.1 g
 Place of origin  Taiwan

Benefit overview


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