New style N95 mask, no metal used.

Soft, comfortable inner layer.

Pre-shaped nose cushion. Cool latex-free cloth head-strap.

Easy wearing and storage.

  • Great protection
  • Excellent sealing
  • Multiple type of mask for every circumstances

N95 disposable particulate respirators are approved with filtration 95% effective against particulate aerosols free of oils. Conforms to NIOSH 45 CFR part 84 standard as N95 class.

Recommended application: textile industry, craft work, iron and steel industry, mining, underground civil engineering, woodworking, hospital, laboratory and disease control……etc.

Invisible nose bridge without any exposure of metal parts.

Patented head-strap buckle to adjust length of head-strap for various facial sizes.

Cool latex-free textile braided head-strap for comfortable wearing.

No staple used. Avoid the contact between skin and metal and suitable for those environments where metal is not allowed.

Continuous loop design can allow to hang the mask around the neck when not in use.

P.P inner/outer layers provide smooth lining and comfortable feel.

V: mask with “valve

AV: mask “with anti-acid gas blue layer” and “valve”

C: mask with “carbon” layer

CV: mask with “carbon layer” and “valve”

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