Molded Visor


  • One piece mold injection PC visor with smooth edges
  • Toric (two curves) design with superior all around protection
  • Impact resistant PC material 2.0mm thickness
  • UV 380 protection
  • Size: 20.5X39.5 cm//8”X15.5”
  • Hard coating, anti-fog (double side) available as optional
  • Match with DH-671, H-890




Toric – Two Curve Design PC visor:

DV-389 is our newly developed spherical Toric (two curves) design PC visor.    Production is by mold injection with smooth edges offering and top optical class offers deluxe quality.  Most importantly,  it uses impact resistant durable PC material made in 2mm thickness pass ANSI Z87+ high impact rated testing.

DV series faceshield visor Use:

Main use is in industrial safety field for protection of face from flying particles.  Additionally PC visor offer splash resistant function and UV protection function.     It can be use in industrial setting such as grinding and woodworking, and also can be use in laboratory and DIY settings. 

Lenses Option:

Available in uncoat, hard coat, anti-fog coating and custom color (MOQ apply).

Visor Bracket Option:

Match with Parkson’s latest launch DH-671 visor holder or H-890 visor holder.   

Brief Detail

Benefit overview

Face Shields Usage:

Under OSHA, faceshields are not adequate sole protection device for eye and face protection.  It is used as an additional protective gear to safety spectacles/safety goggles.  It does provide added function to prevent flying particles hitting close up to the face and eyes.  But as the faceshield doesn’t sit close up, there are still risk for flying particles/droplet and splash got around and caused potential injuries.

Visor Type: 

Parkson Safety offer PC visor which helps to prevent flying particles and liquid splash .   PC visor available in mold injection 1.5-2mm thickness in uncoat, hardcoat and anti-fog coating.   There are also PC visor in 0.8mm/1.0mm thickness sheet with or without Aluminum bound.

Steel mesh visor are available usually used in forestry, logging, landscaping industry to prevent large flying particles.  It has the advantages of good airflow with fog free properties and does not required careful handling.  Whereas PC Visor might fog up in very humid and hot environment and needs to handle with care to avoid scratches on the visor.

Parkson Safety faceshield are adapt to fit with a ratchet headgear suspension bracket.  The headgear will be adjustable to fit different head sizing and very comfortable during working shift.  We also offer simpler style faceshield with elastic band adjustment, if can be use against splash resistant such as against direct droplet splash during COVID19 pandemic for consumer and medical staff.   There are 0.8mm thickness version, which are impact graded for industrial use.

Special Visor

We offer an Aluminum coating heat and Radiation visor that reflect UV and IR.   It is ideal use in furnace and high heat environment.  There are Green color Visor in #3 and #5 offering glare protection

We recommend to access  From Occupational Safety and Health Administration for personal protective equipment selection guidelines.


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